Switched from digitalspace to justhost

I’ve been running my website on digitalspace.net hosting for years. Then they sold out to jumpline, and my ability to push changes to my website via ‘[rsync](http://www.samba.org/rsync/)’ disappeared, and was never restored. Although I still had ssh shell access, the account was seriously limited. It was probably a good security decision on their part, but I missed having wget, tar, gunzip, chmod, and other essential utilities that I used when upgrading my blogging software. It became tedious, at best, to maintain my website.

I’ve finally switched to hosting through http://www.justhost.com and the transition has taken more time than I wanted. As a father of four dear children, I feel the time pinch. Migrating wordpress has been more tedious than expected. And then there’s email — that was a pain to switch as well. At one point, I even considered abandoning my website and switching my blog to a site like blogger.com. But I stuck with it.

Jumpline support has been good to work with, and I’m pleased with my ssh shell access. I get the power of a typical linux shell with my favorite utilities: rsync, tar, etc.