Monthly Archives: December 2009

Persuasion and Manipulation

As I was reading about techniques of scamming and of social engineering, I realized that urgency is a tool that is both nefariously and legitimately used — having a sense of urgency motivates us to stop procrastinating and to act. Salesmen get people to buy products by instilling a sense of urgency. Religious and political […]

Minimizing tracing/instrumentation overhead, injectso

Reading these articles from [Minimizing instrumentation impacts]( and [Debugging the Kernel using Ftrace](, reminded me of [Microsoft detours]( and [Linux injectso]( (updated to work with current glibc, kernels).

Global Warming opinions

There are many smart, rational people (and scientists) who believe in a dire future as a result of human-caused global warming, and that billions should be spent to reverse that trend. And there are many smart, rational people (and scientists) who see through the furor of faulty assumptions, faulty claims, and faulty conclusions. Here are […]

Users, Security and Scams

I read Bruce Schneier’s [Crypto-Gram]( monthly. It’s from there that I found most of these links, with the exception of the ones on social engineering. I found the first paper on scam victims to be especially thought provoking (although it’s long). The video clip demonstrating social proof was amusing. *[Understanding scam victims: seven principles for […]