Monthly Archives: October 2009

Modern bug trackers

Five years ago, I started a new job and encountered the [JIRA]( bug tracking system, after having been subject to pathetic bug tracking systems at previous companies. JIRA knocked their socks off in terms of ease-of-use and multi-platform support (it runs in a web browser). I’ve been a pleased JIRA user ever since. Recently, I […]

Safety from patent threats via membership in OIN?

Here’s an article that I think is worth reading. It details how the Open Invention Network (OIN) keeps open source software safe from patent threats. It also explains about patent troll companies and their financial motives. It sounds like it’s worthwhile for companies that rely on OSS to become affiliated with OIN. []( > Bergelt […]

Best technologies and productivity

I tend to wonder about the “best” technologies for a given problem. Recently, I’ve wondered why Wicket is reportedly better than Java Server Faces (though I’m using neither). Perhaps it’s human nature to look for the Next Big Thing or for silver bullet solutions that supposedly increase productivity while offering robust features. Here’s a [blog […]