Monthly Archives: July 2009

Palm T|X Security: Counterproductive

The other day, I was looking through the preferences on my Palm T|X, and I found out that I could enable “Intrusion Protection”. I set it so that it would destroy all data on the TX if I failed to enter my password 25 times. That seemed like enough grace period that I wouldn’t accidentally […]

Fedora 11 and Virtualization (KVM)

I’ve recently upgraded another computer from Fedora 9 to Fedora 11, and I’ve decided to try the built-in [KVM]( (i.e. Applications -> System Tools -> [Virtual Machine Manager]( I wanted a virtual machine that had bridged mode networking, but it wasn’t available by default. To get it as an option, I disabled SELinux (not sure […]

Switched from digitalspace to justhost

I’ve been running my website on hosting for years. Then they sold out to jumpline, and my ability to push changes to my website via ‘[rsync](’ disappeared, and was never restored. Although I still had ssh shell access, the account was seriously limited. It was probably a good security decision on their part, but […]