Article: Facebook tracks self-censorship and more

Ars writer Casey Johnston reports:

Facebook released a study (PDF) last week indicating that the company is moving into a new type of data collection in earnest: the things we do not say

Facebook’s users are its product — without the content we post and the interactions we have, Facebook wouldn’t be able to sell ads, gaming, data sets, etc. It’s not just Facebook — it’s also true of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple. Every large company has computers analyzing what we do and don’t do, using that information to its economic advantage.

HDMI audio output and the power of a community

Tonight, I wanted to show a news story to my children, and when I plugged the HDMI cable into our Windows 8.1 laptop, we saw video, but there was no accompanying audio. 🙁

Fortunately, a google search for “Windows 8 HDMI audio” yielded a solution from ‘wasala18’, who posted a link to an Intel driver:

that link takes u to an update from Intel for they’re hd graphics and audio drivers.. I found the solution for my laptop NO THANKS TO HP OR MICROSOFT!! and these updated drivers aren’t even available through windows update.. just plain sad.. I still stand by everything i said before..

I’m grateful for the power of community to help solve problems, for Google searches, and for Intel’s drivers.

Now we can enjoy HDMI audio piped through the stereo.