Monthly Archives: April 2006

Best essays on software

Are you interested in reading quality essays on subjects related to software development? If so, then treat yourself to Neil Kandalgaonkar’s Links to essays in the book Best Software Writing I, or buy the hardcopy. In the interest of letting people get to the links quickly, I’m copying-and-pasting Neil Kandalgaonkar’s links: Joel Spolsky – Introduction […]

Animated thumbnails of movie files

I’ve got a photo-album generator for my digital photos, and I’ve enhanced it to include thumbnails for the movies some digital cameras generate (MOV, MPG, AVI). Here’s the perl script that does it: movie2gif.tar.gz

Exporting NFS mounts from Fedora

Figured this out using Server /etc/exports: /home/images,sync) Server /etc/hosts.allow: portmap: : allow mountd: : allow rquotad: : allow Client /etc/fstab: myserver:/home/images /home/images nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,nosuid 0 0

Refactoring Rules

Tried-and-true refactoring rules: Find the smallest change that could possibly work, and check it in. “If I make this change, it will change nothing else.” Revert early, and revert often. If you lose a half-day of work because the refactoring change is too large, that’s okay. Better to start over than to cost the rest […]

Advantages of Fedora Core 5 over FC3/FC4

Advantages of Fedora Core 5 over FC3/FC4: Faster boot times Faster Gnome desktop login Faster responsiveness in the Gnome user interface (snappier application menu, etc.) Suspend to disk and suspend to RAM New desktop applications: Beagle desktop search tool, F-spot photo manager, Tomboy note taking application. Firefox: Opening a new window is MUCH faster than […]