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Article: The Pillars of Concurrency

[The Pillars of Concurrency](, July 02, 2007 by Herb Sutter “In his inaugural column, Herb makes the case that we must build a consistent mental model before talking about concurrency. Herb is a software architect at Microsoft and chair of the ISO C++ Standards committee.” * Pillar 1: Responsiveness and Isolation Via Asynchronous Agents * […]

Ubiquitous Version Control and the future of Subversion

Mantra: “[Version control must become ubiquitous](” — Branko Čibej Subversion developers are gradually leaning toward distributed version control techniques [[1]](, [[2]]( However, they don’t want users to have to know it’s distributed. They don’t want users to know they’re even using version control. Lawyers, architectes, etc. all need version control, and often, they don’t even […]

Myths of Innovation

Guy Kowasaki published [Ten Questions]( [and answers] with Scott Berkun, Author of “The Myths of Innovation”.