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What’s happening with Version Control Systems?

I’ve long had an interest in version control systems (VCS), also known as source code management (SCM) systems — beginning with RCS, SCCS and CVS. CVS was already showing it’s age when I started using it in 1998. When the company I worked for, Axent, was acquired by Symantec in 2000, we switched to using […]

Software: Quicksilver (Mac) and Launch Box (Gnome)

Quicksilver reportedly makes people more productive on their Mac OS X computers. For Windows: For linux: (early stages of development)

HOWTO Make Windows XP unusable

A friend of mine was cleaning out what he thought was cruft from his c:\Windows\System32 directory when he deleted oembios.dat. His computer failed to boot after that, and a system restore disk didn’t help. Although he could boot into a command prompt, he couldn’t boot up in safe mode. He fixed the problem by copying […]

Phishing Fraud in 2007

Netcraft: Phishing Attacks Continue to Grow in Sophistication “The Year in PhishingPhishing attacks are continually evolving, as fraudsters develop new strategies and quickly refine them in an effort to stay a step ahead of banking customers and the security community. Here are some of the phishing trends and innovations we noted in 2006” Plug […]

No-hassle online backup software

No-hassle online backup software for Windows XP: and Five dollars per month. Not bad. I heard about these from listening to this podcast on usability of software Why Software Sucks by David Platt What is the most important thing to the average computer user? They want their machine to “just work”. Why […]

Sony Clie Fixed

A few months ago, my Sony Clie PEG T-615C stopped hot-syncing and stopped charging. I would have backed up to a memory stick, but the slot was destroyed a couple of years ago when my then-two-year old son tried to jam the stylus into the wrong spot. I lost some data when the battery finally […]

VMWare and Upgrading to Fedora Core 6

I upgraded my desktop machine at work from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 6, and since I run the free VMWare Player (the free VMWare Server is also a fine product), I knew I’d have to get it working after the upgrade. It could have been as simple as running ‘’, but it wasn’t. […]