Monthly Archives: September 2007

Linux performance tuning

When attempting to find and fix performance bottlenecks on a Linux system, it’s helpful to know where to start. Here are a few resources I’ve found: IBM’s [Linux Performance and Tuning Guidelines](, published July 2007 > This IBM Redpaper describes the methods you can use to tune Linux, tools that you can use to monitor […]

Internet Explorer more secure than Firefox?

In the past, I’ve recommended to friends and family that they run Firefox instead of Internet Explorer to gain better security and usability on Windows systems. I’m re-evaluating that stance now that I’ve learned about a new feature of Windows Vista that restricts Internet Explorer and runs it inside of a jail. It’s called [Protected […]

Laptop lamentations and blissful benefits

At our household, we’ve finally made the leap from a desktop computer to a shiny new laptop — an [HP dv6426us]( A new computer, in theory, should save time because it runs faster, right? Wrong. It takes time to become familiar with Windows Vista and where they’ve managed to hide various configuration options (displaying file […]