Morse Code Tutor

Here’s a morse code tutor I’ve been using. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac and Dos: [](

SSH File System (sshfs)

I find that using `scp` to repeatedly copy files to a remote host gets tedious. Setting up NFS or Samba is often either not a viable choice, or is more work than seems warranted. Recently, I started using SSHFS, which I highly recommend. It works well because most servers I connect to support SSH, and therefore, my Linux box can use SSHFS to connect to them. Here are instructions for setting it up on Fedora Linux: [](

glibc malloc hooks and TLSF

Recently, I was asked to constrain the memory usage of an application on Linux. Glibc provides hooks for [malloc, free, etc]( By the way, the hook functions are responsible to guarantee thread safety — glibc doesn’t do it automatically. I used the malloc hooks in combination with a memory manager that a colleague found: TLSF. There are two implementations:

* []( (public domain)
* []( (GPL)

There are benefits and caveats when using a custom memory allocator. TLSF was meant to shine for real-time use, because the overhead of malloc and free are O(1) constant-time operations. On the other hand, TLSF isn’t thread-safe.