mtnwestruby: Lightning Sessions

Mountain West Ruby Conference: Lightning Sessions — Five minutes each.

16 March 2007

Mike. BinaryLottery uses ‘figlet’ to translate strings to ASCII art.

WAX by WAX – Web Application X — A similar thing to Rails, but a totally different concept. Strongly tied to the database. Extremely fast development for enterprise database applications. Used by 10% of Fortune 500 companies, although they don’t know that. Self-contained applications. Designed with CSS. Website/CMS and Applications are integrated. REST architecture. Start with “wax on”. Stop with “wax off”. Allows you to GET and POST Excel spreadsheet files, among other things.

Managing SSH keys with Capistrano by Jade Meskill from Pheonix, AZ. Capistrano takes all developer’s SSH public keys, and puts them into an authorized keys file on the remote boxes they need to deploy software to.

Goldberg presented by Coby Rhenquist. He found that Rails leaves developers to themselves after getting their application framework stetup. Then he found the Goldberg generator, which gives you a more complete site, including better looks, a login page, users, roles, permissions and built-in CMS (textile), etc. Gives the administrator the capability to wire things up using menus in the web UI front end. Disadvantage: When rails 1.2 comes out, you have to re-do your app.

CruiseControl.rb 1.0 was just released. It should take about 10 minutes to download and install. No XML or XSLT as with Java CruiseControl. Not released as a gem.

JRuby deployment. Charles Nutter. Just released JRuby Rails Integration.

$ rake war:standalone:create

JRuby has better database support than Rails because of JDBC.

LogWatchR by Pat Eyler (uses Suse Linux and vim). Concepts: Simple, Extensible, Low Support costs. Uses YAML to specify good and bad patterns. LogWatchR saves statistics to that YAML file as well. Written in 250 lines of Ruby. Handles 2250 log entries/sec. Likes Ruby because it’s easy to write, easy to read, easy to maintain.