mwrc: TourBus server load tester by David Brady

David Brady — TourBus

He can make your website 10x faster in a day’s work. Given two weeks, he can make it 100x faster.

Do you believe in refactoring? If you don’t believe he can do what he says he
can do, then you don’t believe in refactoring.

How do you optimize?

1. Measure
2. Find bottlenecks
3. Go up a level
4. Rearchitect, redesign to fix
5. Measure

TourBus helps you find the performance problems in web servers. It makes use of:

– WWW::Mechanize
– Threaded
– Unit Testing

He showed us an example. It’s easy to use.

I notice he uses Aquamacs (emacs for Mac), and sinatra

TourBus trips over itslef at 500 requests per second, since its written in
Ruby. They used the mySQL slow query analyzer, and it told them they needed
some indexes on some tables. The db CPU use dropped from 100% to 1%. Then the
app server was 90%-100%.