mwrc: Machine Learning by David L. Richards

Machine Learning by David L. Richards

– TenaciousG – a graphs tool with persistence.
– Sirb – statistics and erb. A bit of a hack — it monkey patches other classes. It’s kind of cool
– TeguGears – Tegu is a never finished gem for machine learning, all in one
place. TeguGears is meant to be its core functionality.

statisticus – an immature “R” type stats package for Ruby. Don’t use it — it will break — if you can even get it to run. He’s still cleaning it up, and feels that it has potential.

A lot of machine learning uses graphs.


– Ruberl
– Rocaml
– Blurred Weasel

Functional style programming has three primary advantages:

– Composable
– Concurrent
– Distributed
– Etc.

Fibers. They’re a “new to Ruby” idea — coroutines. They start “paused” and
they are “resumed”.

– PipelineElement – stolen from Pragmatic Dave (Thomas).
– [NeverBlock]( is an I/O oriented library. Works with Fibers.