mwrc: Adhearsion by Jay Phillips

Jay Phillips: Adhearsion

Adhearsion is a modern telephony framework leveraging Ruby.


You could write code to play back the weather (text-to-speech).
One of his first apps was to write an app that let him call into his XBox
Media Center with a telephone, and press phone keys to move the cursor around on the screen.

Just recently, Skype allowed Asterik apps to tie into Skype to receive Skype
phone calls.

He showed how to build an app that lets you play a “Simon” memory game to see
how well you can remember sequences of numbers.

sandbox {
play “Hello world”

You can use ActiveRecord into your Adhearsion application. So you can extend a
rails app with telephony service.

Q: Can you make outbound calls? Yes

Q: Can you play pre-recorded voice clips? Yes

Q: Can you record voice from a phone call, then play it back? Yes

Q: What’s the support for things besides Asterik? Like Freeswitch. There isn’t any. He started with Freeswitch, then figured out that no one was using Freeswitch, so he switched to Asterik.

Q: Are there scaleability issues? Asterik is the limiting factor. It can get up to 150 simultaneous calls on a single box. You could have multiple asterik boxes, and one adhearsion server.

Q: Can Asterik run in the cloud (EC2)? People do it. There are some issues. Conference rooms don’t work so well.