mtnwestruby: Meta Notes

Mountain West Ruby Conference: Meta Notes
17 March 2007

Setup. When I arrived, the conference organizers were setting up the auditorium
with power extension cables, network cabling, etc. Having a wired network
connection was very nice, although Wi-Fi was available.

Attendance was better on Friday than on Saturday.

Laptops. I’d estimate that nearly half of attendees had Apple laptops. Nearly
half of the presenters used Apple laptops, and of the remainder, half used
Windows and half used Linux.

Editors. Of the presenters that edited code on-the-fly, one used emacs, one used Textmate and the rest used VIM. None used an IDE.

JRuby or Ruby.NET. It seems like my app would become tied to the platform if I
use the libraries from that platform. This would make it difficult to go from
JRuby to Ruby.NET, or visa-versa. Or difficult to move from JRuby or Ruby.NET to
traditional Ruby.