Article: Vegetable gardening 101

I enjoy gardening, even if I’m just a beginner after ten years of doing it. Here’s an article on gardening by the host of the Greenhouse Show.

[Vegetable gardening 101: Larry Sagers tells you how to grow your garden](

My grandfather inspired my to like gardening. I lived with him and my grandmother during my freshman year of college. He had a good sized garden, and there was nothing as sweet as fresh picked raspberries or as crisply delicious as his cucumbers.

I enjoy gardening because I like being outside, and I like seeing things grow. It gives me a thrill to work and prepare the soil, to plant a seed, and to see it emerge from the soil. It’s rewarding to see my children wander through the garden and pick beans, peas, tomatoes and peppers.

Nearly two years ago, we moved to a new home, and had to start our garden and fruit trees from scratch. This Spring, I’ve planted bare root concord grapes, strawberries, and raspberries.

As a family, we drew a map of our yard, and assigned planter boxes and the children picked something to grow. In the coming month or so, Janice and I will help them plant, water, weed and grow their vegetable. I look forward to it.