Article: Innovative ways to fool people

Innovative ways to fool people
Scott Granneman, 2006-05-04

Scott Granneman’s latest column looks at recent security examples where people have been fooled in increasingly innovative ways: from keyloggers used in a massive bank heist and new Trojans that encrypt data and request ransom money, to real financial rip-offs that extend out from online virtual gaming worlds like World of Warcraft.

It’s a fascinating read. Here’s an exerpt:

We now have computer sweatshops appearing in China and Mexico, in which
young men are paid a few dollars per day (or less) to sit and play games
like World of Warcraft and EverQuest for about 12 hours a day,
performing often mind-numbing tasks in order to create virtual wealth.

It was therefore inevitable that bad guys would see an opportunity to
steal money in settings like this. Now someone has.